Hiking is the best way to live the thrill and adventure of adventure sports. The body is tested against vigorous walks, uneven terrains and flailing energy levels. But all of these challenges seem to melt away when the beauties of nature fill of panoramic landscapes.

The feeling of seeing enthralling natural masterpieces after a sturdy and vigorous hike is an experience like no other.

We understand your passion for hiking. And with our Hiking packages you will live the adventure.


Darjeeling has some great places to offer for you to hike in. Enjoy the scenic beauties and live the adventure.

Tiger hill Hike

Tiger hill Hike

Hike the tiger hills to enjoy beautiful sunrise that people rave about..

Darjeeling- Chatakpur hike

Hike from Darjeeling the Sanchal Wildlife Sanctuary to Chatakpur.

Darjeeling-tonglu-tumling hike

Darjeeling-tonglu-tumling hike

Start hiking from Darjeeling to tumling through tonglu.


Sikkim provides the best topography for hiking. The rough terrains and beautiful sceneries do make for a awesome hike experience

The Tinjurey hike

The Tinjurey hiking spot is perfect for amateur hikers. The trail takes you through the FambongLho Wildlife Sanctuary. There are chances to spot the red panda and even a bear! Best time to visit Sikkim for hiking at Tinjurey is between Mar-May.


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Connecting Northeast Travels
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