River Rafting


Rafting is an intensive and challenging adventure sport. The exhilaration, the teamwork and the entire experience of rowing elevates this sport to new levels.

If you are enthusiastic about rafting, we are here for you. Our rafting packages will surely provide you a delightful experience.

There is no special difference between Darjeeling and Sikkim when it comes to rafting. The river Teesta and Rangeet join at Triveni. This Teesta forms the boundary between Sikkim and Darjeeling.

Rafting in River Teesta

Rafting in River Teesta

It is a thrilling experience between valleys covered with dense forests, flora and fauna.

The River Teesta may sometimes become wild and with difficulty level of 3 and 4 on international rafting scales, it is advised only experienced rafters to enjoy this adventure. Best time to visit Teesta River, Sikkim for river rafting is between May-Mar.

The Rangeet River

There river is more turbulent than Teesta. If you are not good at swimming or have heart conditions you are advised not to take this trip.


Connecting Northeast Travels

Connecting Northeast Travels
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