Who doesn't like the thrill of trekking? The exhilaration, the patience, the rock steady confidence all gives in to the exploration of extremely beautiful natural treasures.

We understand the fun of trekking and adventure the sport provides. That is why we offer trekking packages for those adventure seekers. Grab on your backpack, tie your shoes and get along on the journey.


Darjeeling has lot of great places for trekking and we have created a list of extremely enthralling routes to provide you the thrill of trekking

Sandakphu and Singalila

Sandakphu and Singalila

Sandakphu is a point on the Singalila mountain range located at the height of 3,636 meters. The trek starts from Manenbhanjan and passes through the Singalila national park.

Phalut Trek

This is a one day 21 kilometers trek from Sandakphu to Phalut.

Sandakphu to Srikhola

Sandakphu to Srikhola

From Sandakphu it is a 16kms trek up to the beautiful and quaint village of Srikhola.


Sikkim offers some of the finest trekking experience in the Himalaya. The state's vast unspoiled mountain ranges are a trekker's delight and its amazing range of flora and fauna is a dream comes true for all nature lovers

Keseung Lake Trek

Dzongu an offbeat getaway

The Tholung monastery which was built in the 18th century mainly to preserve the ancient manuscripts and relics from invading Gorkha invaders. The Tholung monastery has some of the rarest Buddhist artifacts and relics such as ancient Buddhist scrolls and handwritten manuscripts which are kept safe here. Once in every 3 years, the monastery opens its door and puts on display these precious and ancient relics with huge and precious rituals called Kamsel. Near to this monastery there is a beautiful waterfall that cascades down into and a deep ravine and Lepchas of this region believe that the departed should pass through the waterfall before passing on to the other world.

In this place there are a few caves around the area that are believed to be the meditating space of Guru Rinpoche and above the monastery one can see the authentic traditional Lepcha hanging bridges.

The Tholung Monastery trek is a one day trek from Tinvong Upper Dzongu that will take you to the breathtaking beautiful location of the monastery.

Keushong: A hidden and Himalayan gem

Keushong valley trek which is relatively difficult trek which takes around 5 days both ways. This beautiful lake is situated in a beautiful setting of the valley. Keushong Lake is located in a beautiful Lepcha region of Dzongu in North Sikkim. It is at an altitude of 14,800 ft above sea level.

One can also take a one day trek to the Pentong village the last inhabited village and is closest proximity to the mountain ranges. The magnificent views of the sleeping Buddha can be seen from here too.

Goechala trek

Goechala trek

The trek starts from Yuksom and Ends in Goechala. It lasts for 11 days, and the distance is around 90kms.

Kanchenjunga Base camp trek

This trek starts from Yuksom to the Kanchenjunga base camp. It takes 11 days for this trek and the trek length is 90kms.

Dzongri Trek

This trek lasts from Yuksom to Dzongri. It lasts for 9 days and 8 nights. The trek's distance is 60 kms


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